Muscle Enhancers: Why and When You Need One for Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding supplements—no matter how effective, how potent, or how harmless they may be—are generally stereotyped as fakes and scams, almost always due to poor fellows who have been scammed by the opportunistic lies of the swindlers, as well as by the gullibility of the poor fellows’ naïve minds.

Unfortunately, these poor fellows were obviously misguided and failed to learn the first lesson of successful and efficient muscle building: no pain, no gain. They didn’t know that there were certain prerequisites that had to be satisfied to prepare the body for the miraculous bodybuilding actions of supplements. And it was too late when they realized that they didn’t satisfy the prerequisites.

So, before becoming one of these poor fellows, take time to read these guidelines for the mature, intelligent, and zealous muscle builder who knows better than taking shortcuts and side trips to successful muscle growth and improvement.

1. Set your nutritious diet in place. Nutritional supplements are generally nutritious because they are fortified with specific nutrients that either your body needs because it is lacking in such, or your body needs in greater amounts than normal because the nutrient gets easily replenished. Either way, no nutrition expert, medical professional, or even a bodybuilding hustler will ever recommend taking supplements to replace normal food consumption in order to maximize the numerous benefits indicated in the bottle’s label. The body is a complex system with highly complex processes in which all the structural units work together accordingly to complete their specific functions. They do not, and cannot, work on their own, so you have to make sure that your nutrient intake is complete to ensure that the supplement performs its function efficiently and effectively.

2. Set your ultimate bodybuilding workout in motion. It is only in fairy tales that life’s stories end in happily ever after’s, and so does a complete body overhaul in a matter of weeks, let alone days. Bodybuilding gurus cannot emphasize it any lightly enough to point out that no magic pill exists to make your wishes come true in a snap of a finger, such as getting huge, bulky muscle in several parts of your body. This you have to accept, not to bring your hopes down, but to get you to focus on the real effects of the supplements—which is to make the body stronger and endure longer. Supplements are categorized either as pre-workout or post-workout. By pre-workout, it means the product can aid you in your intense muscle gaining training. As post-workout, the product will aid you in your recovery from the strenuous routine. As the term implies, supplements simply aid or add up to what’s already there so that it is improved. In this case, a complete muscle enhancing routine that increases its intensity and repetitions.

3. Set your mind to the real goal. Finally, as a disciplined muscle builder, you have to set your priorities straight. Bodybuilding teaches you more than just to work out immensely and to eat right; it is an art, like any other, that can be mastered with patience, diligence, and persistence. The real muscle builder does not wait for the genetically modified spider to bite him so that he can become the amazing Spider-man; he isn’t all about the brawn—he has brains as well. And he knows better than to become strong and big for a few minutes when he can be much stronger and bigger in the long run. You have to accept in your mind and heart that supplements may help you, but there’s also a possibility that they won’t, so you won’t get frustrated in the end when they indeed didn’t work. But when they do—then you’re lucky.

Once you have accomplished all these prerequisites, you could now go and try a few of the best muscle enhancers in the market, like arginine alpha ketoglutarate muscle building supplement. Or even better, consult a professional, whether he’s on the medical science field or sports science field, to get a better perspective of the available dietary supplements in the industry, and choose wisely the best supplement for maximum muscle growth.

FAQ’s on Muscle Building Supplement Choosing Best and Most Effective

There is a large number of bodybuilders and weight lifters, and even including some athletes, who are not opposed to the notion of taking dietary supplements to aid in their workout; but they are also not taking one possibly because of a number of good reasons. First of these reasons is that they want to know more about supplements, or one product if they’ve already chosen, and the available choices in the market. They want their questions to be answered first, which is fair enough since a lot of misguided information is being passed around given the speed of today’s communication.

Below are some frequently asked questions about bodybuilding products, provided with uncensored answers that not only fitness enthusiasts can benefit from, but also the public.

What is a muscle building supplement?

A muscle building supplement, also referred to as a muscle enhancer, is a nutritional product that induce production of necessary nutrients or substances in the body, in which these nutrients may be lacking in the body or their increase may render useful functions that the body can utilize immediately.

A muscle enhancer can be taken as a dietary supplement, a pre-workout supplement, or a post-workout supplement. Dietary supplements are taken alongside the three (3) basic meals; pre-workout supplements are taken about 60-90 minutes before the bodybuilding workout routine; and, post-workout supplements are taken immediately after the workout, alongside the post-workout meal. The muscle enhancers work best in providing vigor and stamina according to the manufacturer’s recommendation of when and how it should be taken.

What are the available supplements in the market today?

In today’s market, muscle enhancers can be categorized in one of the following: natural muscle building supplement, or amino acid supplement. Natural muscle building products include whey protein and desiccated liver. On the other hand, amino acid supplements include branched chain amino acid (BCAA), glutamine, and arginine.

These supplements are worth a good deal of price, and none of them can assure that they’re the safest since they will always have side effects. However, all of the listed supplements are the most effective and sometimes even have additional health benefits.

What is the best and most effective supplement?

The best and most effective supplement is one that can improve blood circulation so that the muscle builder is energized in performing the workouts at his peak; can enhance the rate of recovery of damaged muscle tissue so that his endurance is improved; and provide huge muscle gains that are rock hard and solid strong.

Is it necessary to take supplements?

As an amateur or beginning muscle builder, supplements are actually unnecessary. These products work best for muscle builders that have established their workout routine and nutritious diet in place. As the term implies, supplements are simply additional sources of specific nutrients that the body is lacking or the body may need in larger amounts than normal.

But necessity to take supplements may also be a case-to-case basis, so consulting a medical practitioner or a professional fitness trainer for advice is the best way to know if one is ready to take supplements and which one to take.

Best AAKG Supplement Guide: The ABC’s of Muscle Building Amino Acids

In today’s competitively chaotic market, there are hundreds of muscle building supplements that continuously vie over the attention and praise of champion bodybuilders, as well as bodybuilding trainers. And even among these hundreds of muscle building products, there are dozens more of manufacturers that mix and match the ingredients of the existing supplements, testing out to find which combination is the most potent, most efficient, and most effective muscle enhancer.

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate supplements, or AAKG supplements, are the latest discovery in the bodybuilding industry that promise real time, rock hard muscle gains in strength and mass. And like all other nutritional products, a lot of fraudsters have already taken the opportunity to swindle the innocent mass and confuse the muscle builders who only aim to get ripped muscle fast.

There are only four (4) key ingredients to check out in the label for authentic and safe AAKG supplement, and they are by far the best mix in the market: arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), arginine ketoisocaproate (AKIC), l arginine monohydrate, and l citrulline malate.

Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG). Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a salt form of the conditionally essential amino acid l arginine, which can be found in high protein meat products. This powerful combination of amino acid and complex molecule sets off the chemical substance nitric oxide (NO) in the system, which improves blood circulation and hastens the recovery of damaged muscle tissue. Although researches are still underway to solidify their conclusions, a study of a group of men who were working out has shown that after days of taking AAKG as a pre-workout supplement, they significantly increased their strength and endurance in their bench press routines.

Arginine Ketoisocaproate (AKIC). On the other hand, arginine ketoisocaproate (AKIC), is an essential amino acid that promotes weigh loss when taken as a pre-workout supplement. A 2003 study has shown that when a group of cyclists were given AKIC supplement during their cycling training, there was a significant increase in the stamina and strength of the cyclists. Also, metabolic acidosis has been shown to decrease due to their lack of fatigue, or burning sensation around the legs, compared with the average cyclist who wasn’t taking AKIC supplement. These are perhaps the few good reasons to which researchers have drawn inspiration to improve the capabilities of muscle enhancers that are already out in the market, and eventually incorporate AKIC in AAKG supplement to make it the best.

L Arginine Monohydrate. AAKG supplements are usually associated with the ingredient l arginine monohydrate, particularly the l arginine amino acid. L arginine monohydrate is one of the key ingredients of an effective muscle building product that is continuously being researched about because of its unique benefits. This ingredient has been effective in lowering the blood pressure by muscle relaxation, improving sexual performance in men by increased blood circulation, and preventing onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by releasing NO that acts as a neurotransmitter.

L Cirtulline Malate. L citrulline malate products can be used as both pre- and post-workout supplements. As pre-workout supplements, they increase vigor of a bodybuilder by increasing his adenosine triphosphate (ATP) level, which is the storage of the body’s energy that gets released only during physiological processes as well as bodily movement. On the other hand, as a post-workout supplement, citrulline in the body is able to delay the onset of fatigue.

The best AAKG supplement for maximum muscle gains and strength is not a cheap one with components full of empty promises. Instead, it has these four potent ingredients fairly priced for its efficiency and safety.

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